No, the original was correct. Than is for comparisons, then is for timeline. First this, then that; rather this than that. I normally don't correct people's grammar in comments, but since you did it incorrectly, I don't feel like it's dickish to step in. » 9/02/14 11:35am Today 11:35am

Honesty and integrity must be at the center of our program. If they're not at the very center, the program will look misproportioned when we add on the layers of impropriety, misconduct, and sanctionable offenses. And this is Southern California, where looks matter most.

» 8/27/14 7:06pm Wednesday 7:06pm

You're right, I misspoke (miswrote?). It includes cases where they can't locate the victim or the victim is uncooperative or recants, and [most chillingly] cases where no assailant can be identified. Police departments also often close a case out as "unfounded" when it should be closed out under other codes, such as… » 8/27/14 5:02pm Wednesday 5:02pm