As we reported in February, Nungesser was found not responsible in the alleged rape by the campus disciplinary board. Two other women also accused Nungesser of sexual assualt; the board found him not responsible on those charges as well. Another accuser, a male student, says he filed a complaint against Nungesser with…

» 4/24/15 10:23am Friday 10:23am

I personally think they’re ugly but I also think it takes all kinds. I like very clean lines and delineated silhouettes and solid colors and lean toward monochromatic outfits. I loved/hated when Mad Men influenced the market so much — loved because there was more stuff I liked to buy, but hated because now what I… » 4/23/15 2:43pm Thursday 2:43pm

I don’t think the stamp thing is as horrifying as other people here do — it’s pretty obviously coming from the tension between not wanting to contribute to the problem by giving money to these kids, but not wanting to treat them meanly or rudely. Especially if these kids are kidnapped or maimed or what have you by… » 4/22/15 7:17pm Wednesday 7:17pm